About Us

LiviaSoft was created in 2006 as a company who understands the Software Development Industry and IT sector in general, it understands the needs of both individuals and companies for quality software and enterprise IT solutions at an affordable cost (the cost in money, time and pain). So many North-American companies outsource software development projects to India, East-Asia and Eastern Europe. This works well for some types of projects, but for others, outsourcing can become problematic. Issues ranging from time zone differences, cultural and business process differences, fluency in the English language and good old reliability and accountability can be lacking.

LiviaSoft is here to provide an alternative; a company based in Colorado Springs, CO, who cares more about problem solving and building long-term relationships with its clients. Our philosophy is that if we support our clients while they build their businesses, they in turn will support us by working with us long term. We do not nickel and dime our clients with various charges. Instead we go the extra step to be very flexible and to try to provide services to our clients 7 days a week as needed.

We see each client, individual or company, as a unique entity with different needs, goals and aspirations. We design each solution to be custom-made for the client to best meet their needs. Also, we approach each project as if it belongs to us and thus put in our best effort.

We retain seasoned professional consultants who have both the educational background and industry experience to support us as we fashion a custom solution for our clients. If there is any aspect of a project we are not skilled to handle, we will, with the permission of the client, search for experts in the area, and negotiate the terms of accomplishing the task, thereby saving the client valuable time and trouble.

As an IT Consulting Services company, we try to strategically and tactically position ourselves to serve our customers better. We use the best tools to accomplish the task and concentrate in the following areas:-

  • Software
  • IT Infrastructure
  • IT Consulting Services
  • Spectrum Monitoring & Satellite Communication
  • IT Capacity Building

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Mission Statement

To bring the finest technological products and services with a global standard to our clients by producing innovative, affordable software and IT solutions. Our goal is to deliver customized software and IT solutions to help our clients improve business efficiency and profitability.

Why Choose Us

LiviaSoft works closely with you so that we can understand and analyze your unique requirements and strategic goals. Our consultancy services are transparent in order to provide you with solutions that are best-in-class. Our efficient teams of consultants devise the best course of action for your organization to be implemented throughout. We strive to offer you the best quality framework for your organization. Our approach to consulting services centers on:

  • Delivering business and organizational value
  • Delivering a quick-win to demonstrate value
  • Ensuring alignment of tools and systems to the management processes and how information is used - not the other way around.
  • Partnering and assisting our clients to be self-sufficient as quickly as possible
  • Providing expert technical support and assistance to ensure long- term success
  • End-to-end transformation that is not just limited to advising, we also work closely with you to make sure that the change is implemented and is effective.
  • Tried and tested approaches based on best practices. Our fact-based approach is sharpened by our efficient research and knowledge databases which ensure you best-in-class solutions.
  • Global expertise, applied through the entire process of working from analyzing to implementing


The quality of our service is built on the desire to be the best.  We want to be valuable part of customer’s business, hoping for a long-term mutual relationship. We support our client through the complete lifecycles of the project, from requirement gathering, implementation and deployment to post deployment phase. To best support our client, we partner with leading manufacturers, distributors and service providers to offer our clients the most innovative and comprehensive IT products and solutions within the industry.


At LiviaSoft, business transactions are not simply completing a sale. We pride ourselves on approaching each project with our client's interest in mind. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We believe that if we support and enable our clients to grow, we in turn will grow.



We pay close attention to your needs, goals and aspiration and work closely with you to make sure we clearly understand you and your business and chart the best course of action to accomplishing your goal. No two individuals or businesses are the same, so we treat each client as special case and fashion a solution the best fit the client’s needs.



Our business processes ensures that we respond to our clients in a timely manner no matter what the time zone might be. We strive to be transparent and it is essential that we take the initiative to create open and honest communication with our clients, so our clients know the status of each project. With our Project Tracker system, clients can view newly completed builds, report bugs, see which issues have been resolved and closed and if they are not satisfied, any closed issue can be reopen again. Project Tracker is available online 24/7.

Our Advantages

The philosophy and structure of LiviaSoft gives it some advantages whose benefits are transferable to our clients as well. These advantages include:

Small Overhead Cost

Since our operational cost is kept to minimum, we have no need to nickel and dime our clients. We charge for only what is necessary and fair.

Virtual Team

We keep only essential personal on staff and have vast resource of Professional consultants which form our virtual team. Each Virtual team has few permanent staff members which still remain to work with a client during post deployment phase as the virtual team gets dismantled.

Available Locally with Global Reach

LiviaSoft is based in Colorado Springs, CO making it accessible to North-American businesses and also available to other businesses around the globe. We also source for the best skilled Professionals wherever they might be. We also deal with businesses that have operations in other parts of the world and if needed we can source of local professional in such regions.

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Where We Deliver

Our client base is growing each and every day and some of the happy clients we have been fortunate to work with include:-

  • MICC West Point
  • FBI
  • US Air Force Academy
  • New York Air National Guard
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